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Parallel Session: Maritime Transport

Norway is in the forefront of international research, development, and innovation within the field of autonomous vessels. Stakeholders in and around Trondheim are central to the national focus, and together, researchers from NTNU, SINTEF, and a range of key industry partners have created a unique hub, making autonomous vessels a likely reality within the next few years.

For this parallel session, we will present ongoing activities that will further strengthen and develop the competence and technologies necessary for the realization of Norway becoming the world’s foremost ocean nation. We will learn how basic technology research will bring us forward, and be introduced to the latest strategic actions taken by the Norwegian Maritime Authority and Trondheim Harbour, as well as the industrial and academic collaboration for the Trondheims Fjord autonomous vessel test area. A perspective on the autonomus ship in a commercial, technological and operational context will be given, and we will hear how the close collaboration between authorities, industry and academia forms one of the main competitive edges for Norway within the field.


May 3


– 16:00


Olav Tryggvason 2